Reflection 11/21

This week, we wrapped up novels and we are exploring genre for our project. I am doing a drawing and a journal entry for my genres. I find this project super fun because it is not the typical assignment. You have more freedom for creativity. So far, I have completed my drawing and I am proud of it. It took me a day and a half because I am not the best artist and I was trying to get every detail perfect. My drawing portrays Constance looking away from the outside world. I chose to do this because the fact that Constance went through all of that for her little sister just resonated with me. She is living in a life molded by the actions of Mary Katherine. I did not want that detail to just be looked over so I decided to capture it through art. I am so excited to put myself in Charles’ shoes so I can write that journal entry. I wanna write the entry by hand and burn the papers at the edges a little bit so it can look like they were recovered from the house fire.

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